Christmas 2019

I have made a small selection of picture from the website to help anyone looking for something a bit special for this Christmas. Just go to Christmas 2019 tab above.  

And there’s a lot more on the rest of the site

The Art Man

Over the past few years I have been moving away from mounting exhibitions to working directly with my clients helping them to buy pictures and sculptures. The range of items I find and size of the budgets vary enormously, as such I am always on the lookout for new pieces.


If we had a philosophy it could be summed by words by John Maynard Keynes although I feel sure he that he would now add "/she"  to every "he"

 "the artist walks where the breath of the spirit blows him. He cannot be told his direction; he does not know it himself. But he leads the rest of us into fresh pastures and teaches us to love and enjoy what we often begin by rejecting, enlarging our sensibility and purifying our instincts."

How to contact me

By Appointmentat  The Garage
Please call me on 07770 987163 and pop out to The Garage for chat and see what I have currently available.

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